Dr.George Thomas

Consultant Audiological Physician & Neurotologist
MBBS., DLO., M.Sc.,(AUD.)UK.


Kovai Hearing Speech & Balance Centre and Kovai Hearing Aid Centre is very unique because it deals with a specialized group of patients who have hearing impairment, balance (vertigo) problems and speech disorders.

The director of the centre Dr. George Thomas who is an E.N.T. Surgeon with an M.Sc. in Audiology from the University of Manchester UK has a vast experience in dealing with this segment of patients. He is also an author of many publications in most of the International Medical Journals.

The staffs here are highly qualified and experienced and the centre is equipped with the most advanced state-of-art equipments which are at par to international standards.

Facilities Available


Balane (Vertigo) problems are a major cause occurring in the population, also falls in the elderly are due to vertigo.

99.9% of the cause lies in the inner ear vestibular portion of the inner ear. Once a diagnosis of what causes the vertigo is made and if we can identify the location or site of lestion, then the treatment is simple and the vertigo can cured. Our centre offers ENG (Computerized Electro Nystagmography). With the help of this equipment, the exact site of lesion causing the vertigo can be identified and vertigo can be treated. 


Tinnitus (Buzzing or Hissing sound in the ear) is a common problem encountered by many patients. Our centre has an active tinnitus retraining programme where in wide band noise generators are used to relieve the tinnitus problems.


Our centre offers the highest qualified professionals and the most competent staff for fitting of hearing aids. Only qualified professionals with a high knowledge of auditory science should handle patients with hearing impairment. Our center offers the lowest prices for hearing aids.

1. Check the qualification of professionals.
2. Compare the prices in different hearing aid centres.
3. Clarity warranty and service facilities before purchase.


These are preformed on children who are born deaf and cannot speak because of their hearing impairment. The centre is actively involved in the cochlear implant programmes. After a simple surgical procedure the centre is actively involved in the audiotory rehabilitation and auditory-verbal therapy following surgery for a period of 1-2 years, until hearing levels are stablized and speech is acquired. 


Experienced speech pathologist and speech therapist are available for Speech & Language Assessment and Speech Therapy.

Our centre offers an active programme for early detection and intervention for the hearing impaired patients. 

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Dr.George Thomas, MBBS., DLO., M.Sc., (AUD.)UK.

Consultant Audiological Physician & Neurotologist

Kovai Hearing Speech & Balance Centre, 7A, Artsan towers, Ramanathapuram, ( South India ) Coimbatore – 641045 Telphone: 0422 – 4390909 Mobile:(o) 9994390909

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